Masterchef Final – Macaroon towers

Firstly, congratulations to Nadia on your massive acheivement!

 Like many NZers on Sunday night, I sat glued to my TV watching to see what the dramatic final moments of Masterchef 2011 would bring. I watched in dispear as Jax macaroon tower collapsed to the floor.  Oh the pain!

A macaroon tower is yet a long way off for me, but I was very, very impressed by the first attempts at macaroons by Nadia and Jax. Well done girls, an amazing effort!

I learnt two things on Sunday night:

  1. Watch, watch and watch…but don’t open the oven door, until you are ready to remove them. I really must get the lightbulb in my oven replaced.
  2. A blast freezer will help if the macaroons are slightly undercooked and sticking to the paper. Will a little longer in a chest freezer do the same?

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