The journey so far


Don’t you just wish you could pluck one of the above delicious looking macaroons from the screen and savour it now. That is what I want my end product to look like. So far a result such as the photo above is just a goal!

Batch number one was an epic fail!  I tried to make my first batch with six couped up children in the house, running, yelling, demanding food on a wet school holiday day…the ultimate recipe for distraction.  This batch was doomed to fail, did you expect anything less.  I produced hard little rocks, there is no other way to describe them.  So what was my first macaroon sin….Opps, that was flour I put in, not sifted icing sugar. I cooked them anyway just to see how they tasted – bland, gritty rocks that could not be redeemed.

Failed batch number one resulted in a little internet research. I learnt

  1. Use eggs at least a week old and at room temperature
  2. Undercooked macaroons will stick to the paper
  3. If possible, pile several baking trays on top of each other – can’t remember why. I discounted this one as I only have one tray.

I had a little more success with my second batch. They had lost some of their colour, were starting to brown and were gritty. In my desire to make the almond meal finer I had chucked the almond meal in the food processor and given it a blitz and had produced a semi paste like consistency. I had failed to dry the almond meal out first.

Time for a little more internet research:

  1. To dry almond meal, spread evenly on a baking tray in a preheated oven for 5 mins, watching carefully that it doesn’t start to brown.
  2. Once dryed, blitz with the icing sugar until just mixed together. It will still need sifting before you fold it in to the beaten eggs whites.
  3. Play with the temperature and length of cooking time, it will differ from oven to oven.
  4. Fan bake at a lower temperature will dry out the shell better than bake at a higher temperature.

Another Sunday afternoon, another batch – so here I am at attempt number three. This time I am begining to feel more confident. I am armed with more knowledge than the previous times and follow what I have learnt, still using the same basic recipe. This time I try with a different colour – blue, because we now know the baby is a boy. ( My ultimate goal is to serve a platter of professional looking macaroons at a dear friends baby shower – she is finally pregnant with a much wanted second child. An excellent excuse for a fabulous celebration). My research is definately paying off, we are headed in the right direction. Still a little browned around the edges, bordering on undercooked, but most come off the paper with ease.


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