Perfect Baking Day

Miss 6 is home unwell today, it appears she may be suffering from a relapse of the dreaded Gandular Fever, that stole the first term of this year from her. Outside the southerly wind is blowing keeping things cool, inside we are nice and warm with the fire roaring. Time to get some sweet smells coming from the kitchen.

Today’s flavour/colour attempt is raspberry pink. Not the best piping job, but I am definitely improving on my loading method in terms of the piping bag. I no longer feel like I need to become and octopus to get the bag loaded, and stop the mixture flowing out the other end before I have finished shoveling it in.

Luscious raspberry pink macarons ready to go into the oven

Cooked – 15mins at 140C – a little cracked, but lifted perfectly from baking sheet

Today’s batch seemed to be perfectly cooked. I still need to play with the colour as they seemed to have faded somewhat in the cooking process.  I really believe that acheiving perfection in this are depends on the oven and you need to tweak timings, temperatures until it is just right.

I made some white chocolate ganche, so am just waiting for that to cool before I stick them together. While we wait, here is how I prepare my piping bag without needing 20 arms to do all that it involves.

Step 1 – Push Noozle in well

Step 2- Tuck some of the bag into noozle. This creates a plug so your mixture doesn’t start pouring our before you are ready.

Step 3- Fold down top by about 1/3 and put your hand underneath to form edge for scraping spoon on as you load in your mixture.

Once the piping bag is full, fold up top and start piping.

Just a little inspiration to finish – todays effort!


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