Luscious Lemon Macaroons

I’ve had a bit of a baking week and my fridge is currently experiencing an abundance of sweet treats – clementine slice, chocolate peppermint slice and  lemon macaroons. The macaroons are currently curing, ripening or whatever you would like to call it.  It is best to leave fresh macaroons to ripen in the fridge in an airtight container for at least 24 hours after making them.  By doing this, the meringue/macaroon part absorbs some of the moisture from the filling and this is what gives them that lovely chewy texture while leaving the outer shell crisp.

A friend popped in for coffee and a catch up this morning, so we couldn’t resist giving the macaroons a taste test. They need to be left a little longer before they reach optimal deliciousness.

My little mistake from yesterday of tossing the sugar in the egg white straight off does not appear to have had a negative impact on the macaroons. They have puffed up nicely and have an excellent foot on them.

Yesterday, because I was using a new variety of almond meal (ground almonds) I decided that I would try making them without putting the almond meal and icing sugar through the foodprocessor. Instead, I seived the icing sugar and almond meal together. My macaroons have a bit of a rough texture, so with my next batch, it will be back to the drying in the oven and then processing before I fold it in to the egg whites.


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