For the love of Pinterest!

Oh how I love to waste my time on!  Have you discovered Pinterst yet?  Do you really want to? or is it an addiction you can pass up on?  Just when you thought there can not be another website on which to waste more time, I can not look any further….I can not spend anymore time on the internet along came Pinterest.

I first discovered Pinterest approximately two months ago.  What a wonderful source of inspiration, way of cataloguing, saving, collating and sharing all those marvelous ideas you find on the net!  Create your own ideas scrapbooks and enjoy! I just love, love, love it!

And hey according to this, I am not wasting my time! and I have learnt how to make heart shaped cupcakes without having to buy expensive tins, drooled over Ikea furniture, found a game for my daughters fairy party and been reminded of some fabulous Bible verses.

I have to confess I am totally and utterly addicted to Pinterest! I just love it!  Happy Pinning!



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