So, the work Christmas do is tomorrow…for our secret santa gifts, we haven’t actually allocated another member of staff to each other. We will have to put them under the tree and then we will play some sort of distribution game.    We just have to bring an item wrapped, from home that we no longer want.  I have been looking round my home, there are many items i no longer wish to retain, however my list of preferred possibilities for the gift are:

  1. Potty…the kids finished potty training some 5 years ago
  2. the original playstation, it is not compatible with our new tv
  3. The Christmas mug (bucket), stashed somewhere in the top of the pantry, I acquired some time ago and that my father in law always hunts out everytime he comes to stay….it is too big for my mug drawer.
  4. A bar of soap…we don’t use soap in our house due to various skin issues requiring specific bodywashes.
  5. a collection of candles gifted at various times by various elderly family members (not the vanilla scented or attractive kind).

What do you think will create the most entertainment?  I work for a church, part-time, very part-time.


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