Feet in the Sand

We are at the beach for a few weeks, so there won’t be any Macaron making for a while. We are taking a well earned break, if I do say so myself! Three wonderful weeks of holiday. A week with the in-laws (or should I say outlaws?), ten days camping and a few days here and there en route home…quickly fills three weeks.

My mother in law doesn’t do baking or a lot of cooking for that matter, so there is not so much as a drop of white flour in the house to thicken the cheese sauce for the mac n cheese tonight. The kids have been here for a week already, and Mr “can’t fill me up” had a hankering for mac n cheese…I think prehaps a diet of vegies and no carbs for a week was not the best for him.  So as you can imagine a kitchen cupboard that does not contain white flour, does not contain anything that might vaguely ressemble a beater, foodprocessor or anything slightly useful in that line….so that means a complete holiday for me, in terms of baking….store bought will have to do for the coming couple of weeks.

I won’t be baking when in the tent either…you can not take the kitchen sink camping if you want to fit the children and a comfortable bed in the car.  We will however, for the first time ever have a small camping fridge – I am looking forward to not worrying about ice for the chilly bin.

I’m hoping there will be a lot of sand and time on the beach, visiting this beautiful country, quality time and prehaps a few board games over the coming weeks.  This afternoon, we took the kids to the beach with their bodyboards for the first time.  We spent a couple of hours playing on the beach and teaching them the basics of using their bodyboards in the waves.  It was lovely to play in the warm water, with our feet in the sand, jumping waves and seeing the smiles on the faces of our dear wee ones as they felt their little bodies and boards being propelled forward by the waves.

Sadly, we got a little oil on our feet and could see off in the distance the Rena. You can just make it out on the horizon, in about the middle of this photo.


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