Things I’m Loving …

Wow it’s been a while since I dropped by …. this being said I haven’t made any macarons for quite some time and life has been hectic, is putting things mildly … But still, I’m loving life and want to share one or two of the things I’m loving today….

1. This gorgeous last day of winter …. the sun is here, the birds are chirping, the washing is drying…what’s not to love about it?

2. Baking for the Ninja Banking Drop organised by the  lovely Sophie of Sophie Slim. I would just like to add Sophie is one amazing and inspiring lady, who is taking “random” acts of kindness to a whole new level through her group The Sisterhood. This Jar will be landing on a doorstep in my wider neighbourhood, sometime over the weekend.

3. My kiddos … they make me smile, most of the time!

Linking up with Things I’m  loving for the very first time…hopefully not my last


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