Yes I work….I am a Mum .

This morning a friend of mine shared a great blog, from a guy by the name of Matt Walsh…he works for some radio station somewhere in America (I think), but all I can say is I love what he has to say, the way he so passionately supports the stay at home parent. You can check it out here

My precious little ones are now 10 and 9, I can’t quite believe that they are this big already. I love watching them grow and develop into each next life stage ..there’s still a lot of growing to do around here, but I know they will be able to look back and say, yes Mum was there for me, she welcomed my friends, attended this event at school and so on. We may not have the overseas holidays, the newest of cars, the biggest flashest tv, but we have love, we are blessed with all we need and we are family and we have chosen to give our children the gift of time.

This year, I have returned to paid work, just a few hours each week and not the same kind of work as pre-Children…I honestly could not have gone back there. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the career path I was on BC (Before Children), it was exciting, challenging and very interesting…I loved every minute of it, I thrived on it, and we absolutely loved the money, but it was not compatible with family.  I possibly could have made it compatible with family, except I’m dedicated to being home after school for my children, home in the holidays, I don’t want my children to be raised by nannies and paid help. My husband and I are the parents in this family and we choose to be parents because we felt God had called us to this role.

Being a parent is a 24/7 role, there is no escape, no clocking off at the end of the day.  Whether you are a fulltime parent, a parent juggling the pressures of work and parenting, it doesn’t really matter, children need time, they need love, they need you to be there for them. You chose to be a parent, be the best parent you can.  Do you want to raise your child or do you want someone else to do it for you?  But if you leave it up to someone else, will your child be taught the values you want your child to be taught?

That’s my rant over, but I just want to say that I wholeheartedly support the stay at home parent.




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