Passion Pursuit – A Review

So, you think that a good Christian woman shouldn’t talk about SEX….really, have you not read Song of Solomon!!! it’s about SEX, the garden talked about, that’s not your usual garden with flowers and weeds growing in the dirt.

If my last few words, have sent you scrambling for a Bible and you can’t quite lay your hands on one, or don’t know where to look to find Song of Solomon, or would rather just continue to read it on the computer jump on over to

We have just completed the study today. I have to be honest and say that now that I have had certain verses explained to me in this way, I look at them in a whole new light.  I have learnt that sexual intimacy is not dirty, it is part of God’s plan for my marriage.  He, yes God, wants my husband and I to enjoy SEX.

Linda Dillow and Dr. Juli Slattery teach through entertaining DVD sessions, that will have you laughing while thinking deeply about intimacy and how you approach it. Each session is followed by five to six days of approx. 15-20mins homework to get you thinking about your relationship, the Biblical basis for each aspect of the study and fully understand the theme. It is designed to be run in a small group women only setting,  with a fantastic set of guidelines to ensure that privacy and focus is kept.

You can check out more details here:

There’s plenty more clips on the net.

If you want to investigate doing this study and are in NZ, I would like to suggest that you contact Focus on The Family


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