Loving Today – Getting Physical!

Life is worth celebrating!  What a gift life is and there is always something to celebrate, however big or small.

Today, I am celebrating that we are once again registered as a family to do  the Wellington Round the Bays event in February next year.  We aim each year to do it just a little bit faster than the year before. It’s always a great day, a day of celebration, of family doing something together. We love the day out, challenging ourselves physically and enjoying the beautiful city we live in.  Thinking over the last couple of years, we must be about due for a stinking hot one!!! The anticipation of the event is just enough to get me excited! We are not a particularly sporty family, but we enjoy doing things together.


round the bays


I’m also loving Walking with good friends, each Friday I go out for a walk with two friends and it is always an incredible time of blessing.  I just love walking with them, we all chat, laugh and giggle our way along.  Time spent with precious friends is such a blessing. I love that we get out and walk together, it means we are getting some exercise, encouraging each other to exercise and probably catching up more regularly than if we didn’t do this walking thing.


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