Breeze Through Christmas with Ruth Pretty

I indulged in my first Christmas dinner of the season today …. yes today, November 2nd!!! I’m home now, with not a spare corner to fill, maybe I’ll eat tomorrow.

Christmas still seems so far off, normally by now, I am well on my way towards Christmas, having started my Christmas shopping and made my cake in October, except this year, the fruit is still all sitting in the bags in the supermarket bag on the laundry floor.  Might have to set about macerating the fruit once I’ve finished this blog!

As is the custom at Ruth Pretty’s catering school, we were warmly welcomed and promptly provided with replenishments to get us set up for the day!  I was careful to not start my day by eating too much and resisted the apricot and almond cake, sticking to a coffee and two small crackers with some stunning Linkwater aged cheddar. Come round two of morning tea, part way through the mornings demonstrations, I couldn’t resist tasting the cake, it was divine.

During Wellington on a plate in August, Ruth Pretty Catering set up an ice cream stall in Midland Park.  Today, we learnt the secret to that fabulous ice cream that had Wellingtonian’s queuing on single digit mid winter days…I will definitely be making some. There really is something quite magical about homemade ice cream, it really does taste so much better than the bought stuff. Ruth’s flavours of the day included Lemon Meringue Pie, Christmas Cake and Raspberry.


Ruth continued her fabulous demonstration peppered with wonderful tales of her overseas travels, very ably supported by her lovely staff Jess and Sue.  Wouldn’t it make life in the kitchen so much simpler if I could have slipped Jess and Sue in my back pocket and taken them home.  Today’s fabulous offerings included Sue demonstrating how to debone a turkey.


The demonstration was as always filled with wonderful tips, tricks and useful hints on where to find the ingredients. While watching the demonstration we indulged in a beautiful glass of Villa Maria Methode Traditionelle, the crab cakes and Caesar Salad Tartlets … such a treat!  Both were very lovely tasty little morsels.












The demonstration was of course followed by a fantastic meal, in a gorgeously decorated “bach” so we could sample the menu. It was a fantastic day out with a wonderful bunch of friends.














I’m not going to say anymore, just in case some of you are planning to go closer to Christmas.


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