Summer, where are you, I’m ready?

I’m choosing to believe Summer is just around the corner, my tomatoes are in, the hydrangea is budding, the sweet pea is making an appearance and my lavender is blooming….don’t you just love summer and all the colour it brings? Does it inspire a change in the colours in your wardrobe?

IMG_2349 IMG_2351 IMG_2353


I just had to share some photos of my garden, the weekend just been, we worked hard on it to get it into shape for Summer. I am loving the promises of colour that it is starting to give!

In the hope that Summer is just around the corner, today I decided to dress as if it is….well with the addition of my cardigan. I’m not loving my photos today, but I’ll post them anyway. Today I wore, my skirt from Minnie and Ree (Wellington Underground Market), a pink tee (Max), Yellow Cardigan (Glassons) and those shoes I mentioned in my post Life in Colour. Yes! I buckled and bought them…I just couldn’t stop thinking about them….might be time for some colour on my toenails.

IMG_2338 IMG_2339



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