I’m Loving….Creativity and Friendship

Life is for living and enjoying, one can always find things to be thankful for, moments to enjoy and things to celebrate!

This week, I am loving that:

1. My washing basket (the dirties that is) is nearly empty…so thankful for the fantastic weather that has allowed this small miracle to happen

2. The creativity of my children – We have the slight 1st world problem of someone in our house having used just a little too much data in the first ten days of our monthly allowance resulting in an 80% usage warning being issued by our provider! last time we got one of those it was 20 minutes before the month rolled over.  The children are on a data diet!!!

After school entertainment is consisting of origami, lego and other stuff:


Muppets Origami – can you recognise these guys?


Build your own burgers for dinner – that’s beetroot, not sauce!

3. Friendship Friday – Friday’s are a day off work for me, I try to take the day to spend with friends. I normally start with a walk post school drop off with a couple of friends and then catch up with someone else for lunch.  Friends are wonderful!  I love the way we share each others lives, build each other up, laugh and enjoy life together!

linking up with Megan at MNM’s


2 thoughts on “I’m Loving….Creativity and Friendship

    • Hi Meghan! Thanks for dropping in…I regularly read your blog, but don’t tend to comment. I have to confess, I was rather shy and didn’t come introduce myself at Ruth Pretty last Christmas. Looking forward to linking up again soon. A

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