Kaitoke Regional Park

This summer, we are making a bit more of an effort to get out and enjoy the wonderful region we live in!  Wellington offers so much more than just the city.

I spent the first few years of my life in a little village nestled in the hills just out from Upper Hutt, the hills were our playground and Kaitoke was a favourite family picnic spot.  Memories of hot summers days, the swing bridge and frolicking in the river are alive and well in my head. My darling husband had never visited and neither had my precious children, so we decided that we should take them out and show them around.  Saturday morning wasn’t exactly hot and summery, but we packed up a picnic anyway and headed north on the motorway.

IMG_2470As it was a bit chilly when we arrived there, we decided it was best to go for a walk, and explore some of what the park has to offer. We opted to walk across the swing bridge, through the forest and Rivendell. Mr 10 loves The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings movies, so is quite taken with the idea of visiting some of the locations around the country.

IMG_2480We were amazed by the size and forms of some of the trees.  The children think this one must have been burrowed out by a wild boar, I don’t know, but it was impressive.



So pretty, I find hills and rivers so much more interesting than beaches.



Are you a dwarf, hobbit, human or elf height?


Working out which trees made the cut


More Rivendell.

By the time we had finished our walk the weather had cleared a little and we enjoyed a picnic in the sun.  We then played on the river bank a little before heading off to check out the camping area and a couple of other swimming holes (no swimming this time though).  We think we will plan to take the tent up to Kaitoke some time soon to enjoy some more of the park.



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