I’m Loving: Back to school & My Food Bag

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

Back To School

Last Friday, I was informed that it was only so many hours until school started again.  The maths was a bit out but I let the child carry on believing it was correct, because I knew school would come soon enough.  Said child was on a countdown, because they love to go to school.  I’m loving it because it does mean I get to enjoy the occasional quiet moment at home all by myself with no demands for food, help with this that or the other thing….it’s just so peaceful!

Here’s a photo of my monkey’s ready for their first day back at school:


My Food Bag

Ok, so I love to cook, but sometimes when life gets a little busy, our healthy eating habits tend to fall by the wayside.  So, I decided to try My Food Bag for a few weeks at least until life settles into routine again.  Sunday night, three gorgeous brown paper bags arrive filled with the supplies for evening meals for the following five days, it’s varied and interesting and so far three out of four recipes have had a “Can you please make it again?” response from one if not both of the children.  Both Mr 10 & Miss 9 have been keen to help with cooking the meals too.  We’ve had Satay Chicken, Lamb Butties, Salmon Fritters and a “lasagne” all accompanied with a healthy serving of vegetables.  So good, to have everything there and ready to use without having to think “What are we having for dinner tonight?” .



I love my iPhone and in particular Voxer – Walkie Talkie app.  One of the many apps I have that make having an iPhone so fun!!! it’s kind of like a voice text, although you can also send text messages and photos. My three year old nephew can even use it, so I get cute little voice messages from the younger kids that say things like:

‘ i got eew oooes’ (I’ve got new shoes) – so special to hear from the little lad, when he is excited about something happening in his life.

or when mum’s not looking/listening miss 4 is inviting herself over to our house:

‘ ???? Aunty, can I come play with Katie today, pweese?”

So that’s what I am loving this week and linking up with Megan at mom’s


3 thoughts on “I’m Loving: Back to school & My Food Bag

  1. That My Food Bag looks cool – I thought I’d seen it somewhere and realised where when it popped up with Nadia’s face on it (we are keen Masterchef fans here!). Great work on kids happy to be back at school – we only went back Friday but it was a very successful first day back by all accounts 🙂

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