Summer, oh how I love it!

Summer is my season, no doubt about it…I find this is the season I have energy, it fills my soul and speaks to my heart.  I am definitely a summer person, but I’m not really fond of the beach.  Having grown up in the south of France, I love warm weather and sunshine, it makes my heart sing! I love the sound of Cicadas, the deep purples of lavender and long evenings.  What can I say, there is just something about Summer. This Summer, I have for the first time had a really fantastic camera which I have loved using to capture some moments as we soak up Summer.  We were privileged to be able to have quite an extended holiday and to enjoy this wonderful country we live in.


I really feel like the Cicada’s song is the way my heart responds to summer.  Leaping with joy in celebration while soaking up the rays. I’m not  one to sit and sunbathe, I would rather be out climbing hills and appreciating the nature around me, God’s creation is amazing and what better time to appreciate it than in the full glory of sunlight that draws the best colours out.


Another sound of Summer I love is the incredible birdsong, what a gift and privilege it is to hear birds happy and playful calls, as the flutter about doing what birds do…catching bugs and playing chase.  I like to think they are singing their own song of praise to God.  Thanking him for all he has blessed them with.


Flowers also make summer special, particularly Hydrangeas.  I love how so many little flowers make up one gorgeous large flower.  I love the diversity in colours and how through soil changes (and fertiliser) we can alter their colours.  I have seen Hydrangeas this summer in the classic blues and pinks and intense deep purples.

I have to say it again, I quite simply love summer.   Is there a particular season that makes your heart sing?  Is it winter when you can curl up on the couch with a good book? Autumn when you can go out and kick up the fallen leaves? Dancing in the spring daffodils?


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