Hey there!

Thanks for dropping in! Please make yourself at home.  I do hope you find what you are looking for or at the very least something that delights your heart.

Married to a fantastic man since 2000, together we have 2 gorgeous primary school aged children. Wellingtonian by choice with a patchwork upbringing in NZ and far flung places. And most importantly, Jesus, I believe He died for us while we were sinners, rose again and offers us Salvation. I’m looking forward to my new body and life in Heaven with Christ! Are you?

I consider myself to be a bit of a foodie. I enjoy good food, wine, coffee and most other things you can swallow. This blog started as my journey to perfecting the art of macaron making, but has turned into so much more. Macarons and other baking adventures are currently in a holding pattern as I await my new kitchen … still in the design phase, meanwhile, my oven is limping along, sometimes taking 10 minutes, sometimes taking an hour to cook frozen chips…so you get the picture not the most conducive to baking.

I like to cook, but I am not always successful. Sometimes I get a little distracted from recipes and like to make things up as I go…other times I just make large blunders. Cooking is not my only hobby, pastime or interest….Hills are my friends – the views are always rewarding! Computers baffle me and intrigue me, however, I will not allow them to defeat me. And so my list of interests goes on.

We like to get out and enjoy exploring this wonderful city and country, we are blessed to live in.

In between, my roles as wife, mother and blogger, I am Ministry Leader of First Impressions in a church.


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