Summer, Sun and Santa

Wellington turned on the sun (and a little bit of wind) today for the Santa Parade. We went to town to do some shopping pre-parade and be out of there before the parade madness started, but miss 9 thought she would like to watch.  They are only little once and I decided we needed to savour the moment and indulge her desire, after all the parade is free entertainment. We enjoyed:

Marching bands

Runaway Gingerbread-men


Pipe bands – check out the wee girl in the front row!

My favourite – Love the latin American vibe of the Battacuda!

Star wars

Storm troopers

High fives

Minature ponies

Chinese dragons

Angelina Ballerina

The Sallies – Gotta love a real Christmas Carol!

The big man himself! or is he?

I have to ask, who is the big man of the day for you? Is it Santa or is it Jesus? For us, Christmas, is all about  celebrating the birth of Christ Jesus, the promised Messiah. What an incredible gift we were given when God sent his Son, so that anyone who believes in him shall have Eternal Life.


Link up and Celebrate Christmas

Celebrating Christmas is important to me! I just love the season…the reason we celebrate and being able to have a lot of fun with decorating my house and blessing others.

So this year, I decided to create a linky party for us all to share in the way we celebrate and what Christmas means to us. Go on share what you love about Christmas, what you’ve been doing to prepare, how you celebrate, what makes Christmas Special.

To link up grab this button and make sure you link back to this party.


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