A bird on my balcony

I just looked up from my computer and there he was watching me as I sat here reading some of the fabulous blogs over at Kiwi Mummy Blogs. Hence the title for this entry!

I tried another batch of Macarons today with the Fresh As Fruit Powder…I undercooked them this time. I think I might have to make some ice cream to use up the under and overcooked macarons.  I need to get my Macaron mojo back….probably more that I want it back.

My house is slowly filling with the wonderful smell of a rich Christmas fruit cake.  I finally mixed the fruit that has been soaking in brandy for a good 10 days with the other ingredients for a traditional fruit cake and got it in the oven today. I should have cooked it about a month ago, but the school holidays put paid to that.  I feel like I am so behind on Christmas this year, there is a little over a month until school finishes and I feel totally unprepared for what lies ahead. Too many things to do in too little time….anyone else out there feeling that way? by the time I work two weekends, am away one that leaves me one until school finishes.

My biggest dilema is I have absolutely no clue what to buy mr 8 for Christmas.  I really don’t want to buy him yet more lego….yes, he still loves it, but I feel it is time to give him a different gift.  His other great passion in life is computer and games on the internet. He is highly creative, but won’t sit down to draw, write or express his creativity in the traditional sense…he walks round trying to explain his ideas while mumbling and getting totally lost in his train of thought. I am heading out shopping with A from down the street tomorrow, prehaps I will have a brain wave then!

Miss 7 is sorted, she wanted an item of furniture, she spotted on the internet some time ago.  Easy as…always glad to sort storage solutions!