Sunrice – Quick Cups Review

We have recently had the privilege of being able to trial 3 of the new SunRice Quick Cups flavours.  My 8 year old son is quite a fan of two minute noodles, so I thought these might also be popular with him. While Master 8 did not give the Sun Rice Quick Cups the big thumbs up, my husband enjoyed them. Master 8 found them quite salty.  He is quite sensitive to salt due to my tendency to under season things and when he is having noodles, we only ever use about a half packet of flavouring. So I guess that gives you some sort of measure of why he found the chicken flavour to be salty. So my dear other half happily obliged and gave the SunRice Quick Cups a try.

At first glance, at the boxes, I have to say on the whole I am happy to feed them to my family occaisionally, I can mostly read and understand the ingredients straight away – they read fairly similarly to a recipe you might use at home except for thickeners and stabilisers which you must expect to find in anything even vaguely processed. They are close to fat free and use no artificial colours, presevatives or flavours.

Both the egg fried rice and teriyaki flavours went down quite well with my husband.  He found them very practical for taking to work, he particularly liked that they heated easily in the indicated time in their own cups in the microwave at work.  My husband said he found the flavours to be genuine, in particular he found the egg fried rice to have a good eggy flavour and he would buy them again to top up the leftovers for his lunch. I believe he has a couple of packets squatting in his drawers at work along with the odd can of tuna for those emergency lunches when it is just too unpleasant to duck out for a subways and I have not provided him with leftovers from the night before.