Macaron Monday

So…I’ve been threatening to for a while now…. to make some more Macarons….no excuse, just because they are yummy!!!  I do have one or two friends who have been wanting to sample my macarons for sometime.

On Saturday, I was reading the mag that comes with The Dominion Post and read about a freeze dried fruit powder, Ruth Pretty used in some icing.  I thought it sounded perfect for colouring and flavouring macarons.  I managed to track some of this marvelous stuff down from NZ company Fresh As° at Moore Wilsons Fresh…let’s just say the smell is amazing when you open a packet.  It is full on, intense and natural! It smelt like a pile of freshly crushed blackcurrants.

As I slightly overcooked the first tray of macarons and they have lost a bit of colour, I have indulged in one or two of the biscuits and have to say…they are divine, the blackcurrant flavour is intense as the smell!  Yay…can’t wait to try them in a day or two when they have matured.

Here are my ramblings about todays batch!

I think I may have got over keen with the hand miser and overwhipped the egg whites, but loving the colour and the smell. The egg whites should be able to form firmish peaks.  You want them to still be able to settle into nice smooth rounds when you put them on the tray and drop the tray, not stay looking like little presents left on the front lawn by neighbourhood dogs!

On the photo above, you can see the moisture I have extracted from the almonds by baking it in the oven for 2-3mins at 150°C.  I was really pleased to see this today, as I had been reading elsewhere that it wasn’t necessary. I think it all depends on where you buy your almonds from.  If your almonds are moist and you do not extract the moisture before putting through the food processor, you tend to end up with almond paste instead of finer almonds.  I always dry to ground almonds before putting them through the food processor with the icing sugar to obtain an even blend.

Today, I also decided to use a seive after processing just to see what was left after seiving.  I did turn up a few larger lumps of almond.

Above is the final mixture…check out that colour!!!  Thanks to Fresh As° Fruit Powders, that colour is all natural.

You can tell todays lot are overwhipped because they look like little you know whats!  And to top it off, they are now overcooked….I was too busy writing this!

Lesson of the day: wait till they are cooked to write the blog.