Mastering the art of macaron making – the inspiration

So I have decided that Macaroons are the new cupcake….not that I ever mastered cupcakes!

I recently went to France, Marseille to be precise and saw this gorgeous display of Macaroons hanging in the window of a rather top notch patisserie.  Marseille is not home to the macaron (note singular o, that’s how the french spell it), but Paris is. Just look at all those vibrant colours!

I can’t quite remember when I had my first taste of macaroon, the kind I’m talking about here that is!  I vividly recall making coconut macaroons as an 13 year old, but they just don’t compare.

The real thing should have a shiny crunchy outer shell, yet be soft on the inside. These gorgeous almond based meringues are filled with delictable creamy ganache.

I’ve committed to mastering the art of macaroon making for a special event to be held at the end of July 2011.