La Cloche Macarons

Macarons from La Cloche, Wellington


About 10 days ago, I redeemed my voucher for my six macarons from La Cloche….they were good, although disappointingly petit! I have to confess to not sharing.

Overwhelmed by the choice of flavours, I left it up to the person who served me to give me a selection. I got Framboise (Raspberry), grape, chocolat, coconut, jaffa and citron.

Each macaron consisted of two perfectly round “biscuits” sandwhiched together with flavourful ganache. They all had a good foot, were crisp on the outside and with soft and chewy centres. Each Macaron would have been no more than 3cm in diametre, I know they are traditionally a “petit-four” so shouldn’t be huge, just a small mouthful of tasty sweet treat. I have to say each one left me a little disappointed and wanting more.

I felt at the regular retail price for these ones, it was a little expensive for what they are.

On another note, I had a very disappointing experience at Hippopotamus. We thought it would be a lovely idea to take my Gran out for High tea to celebrate her birthday.  When the waiter said the macaron was salted caramel, my tastebuds started bubbling…I could hardly wait! However, I left it to last as I worked my way up the three tiers of savouries and cakes. When we reached the top layer, I thoroughly enjoyed the dark chocolate mousse from the litle shot glass, sipped some tea, chatted a bit and then picked up the macaron.  As I bit into it, I could feel the dryness of the macaron, it had clearly been overcooked, not left to mature in a fridge and filled with buttercream just minutes before being served. That crisp outer and perfect inner chewiness I assosciate with a fabulous macaron just wasn’t there. Hippopotamus, Je suis decu, I know your french patissier can do so much better.



Macarons from La Cloche

So today’s daily special from living social is macarons from La Cloche. La Cloche is a fabulous little french cafe situated at Kaiwharawhara in Wellington. I can’t say I have ever sampled their macaroons, in fact to be honest I have never even seen them there! But in terms of french food, everything they serve at La Cloche is tres authentique and of a very high standard…you can even generally order your food in francais there.

I have taken up the offer and will let you know how mine compare.

Just in case you are in Wellington and wanting to check the offer out today, here it is:

mmmm…I am looking forward to trying these little gems!!!! miam-miam