Enjoying the School Holidays

We have had the most enjoyable school holidays since school holidays have mattered again in my adult life.  As a general rule, I seem to spend the holidays counting down the days until the start of school again. Instead, Mr 10 informed me at some stage today that it was 94 hours until the school year started. I have been having so much fun with my kids, I almost don’t want the holidays to end.

As we went into these holidays, I was quite nervous about having such a long time at home.  We normally head away for at least three weeks, however, we have only been away for one week.  So, we have had to fill in significantly more time than usual.  I had originally planned to get the school pool key, but I completely forgot on the day they were handing them out – I’m kind of relieved because the weather hasn’t really been swimming weather anyway.

Is it the age of my children? Is it that we found plenty to do? has something changed within me?  I’m not really sure of the answer, but I can tell you, I have genuinely enjoyed hanging with my kids these school holidays.

So, I guess you are wondering what we have been up to, here’s a wee pictorial of a few the things we have done:


We took the kids to Wellington Birdman competition, however, it was a cold, grey day and as you can see, we didn’t get close enough to really see what was happening.  We did however, enjoy a lovely lunch at Macs Brewery Bar followed by a gelato in the car sheltering from the rain.  Hmm, I thought it was supposed to be Summer!!!


We visited Staglands.  I had never taken my children there, and if I add the years together since I last went, I must have been in standard 3.  See I’m refusing to acknowledge the number of years!  These bunnies caused great delight, as did the baby Kune Kune that were running round and the many other animals.  The children also enjoyed exploring the old “village”.


The children decided this peacock was trying to impress the duck!


This cheeky young goat seemed to pose for photos.

Our trip out to Staglands seemed to be a success, even if I did have to wash the interior of the car when we arrived home, thanks to a child who forgot to mention they were feeling a little unwell.


We took a trip up the coast to the wonderful Marine Gardens at Raumati.  Right beside the beach, an easy walk to a great coffee and this fantastic water park kept the kids entertained for hours, they had an absolute ball…just a shame we left the Bacon and Egg pie for our picnic sitting on the freezer in the garage.


Today, turned out to be one of those spectacular – You can’t beat wellington on a good day kind of days, so we headed round to the fabulous Sorching Bay and enjoyed some time playing on the beach as well as lunch at the ever wonderful Sorch-O-Rama. Not to mention, a stop at Te Papa on the way home.

I love that we have filled our holidays with visiting our region, exploring the free and not so free activities and places to visit. I love how my children have enjoyed each of the activities I have suggested. I love that the weather although not always what we wanted for the summer hasn’t been a barrier to us having an enjoyable holiday. I love that we haven’t spent hours at the shopping mall. I love that we have been able to take friends along to several of these activities. I love Wellington and the wider Wellington region….so much to see and do!


Are Macarons Passé?

According to The Dominion Post – Your Weekend Magazine and many of their fairfax cohorts – macarons, salted caramel and mason jar glasses are all so common that they are no longer cool.

If you haven’t read the article, you can check out the article here.

Personally, I have to say I love macarons and the last one I had was from McDonalds, I  had to try them.  Although the colours were fantastic,   and it looked perfectly formed, I didn’t really find it had much flavour.

Salted Caramel is one of my favourites, if it is on the menu I will always go for it!  I recently made the fabulous beetroot salted caramel chocolate cake the features in the Little and Friday celebrations book.  It was divine, short on time and lacking multiple cake tins of the same size, I cooked the cake as one and cut it in half. It’s very rich, but oh so yum.

I’ve never been a fan of faux anything…trying too hard just isn’t cool!

Sourdough definitely has a time and a place, I personally love it plain with a smear of butter or dipped in good quality olive oil with balsamic or duhka – but are they passé too?

What trends need to die?  What is the new food trend? What needs to be brought back?

I love your comments and interactions with my readers, please leave your thoughts below.

Summer, Sun and Santa

Wellington turned on the sun (and a little bit of wind) today for the Santa Parade. We went to town to do some shopping pre-parade and be out of there before the parade madness started, but miss 9 thought she would like to watch.  They are only little once and I decided we needed to savour the moment and indulge her desire, after all the parade is free entertainment. We enjoyed:

Marching bands

Runaway Gingerbread-men


Pipe bands – check out the wee girl in the front row!

My favourite – Love the latin American vibe of the Battacuda!

Star wars

Storm troopers

High fives

Minature ponies

Chinese dragons

Angelina Ballerina

The Sallies – Gotta love a real Christmas Carol!

The big man himself! or is he?

I have to ask, who is the big man of the day for you? Is it Santa or is it Jesus? For us, Christmas, is all about  celebrating the birth of Christ Jesus, the promised Messiah. What an incredible gift we were given when God sent his Son, so that anyone who believes in him shall have Eternal Life.

Wardrobe Wednesday: Going Floral

I loved the line at the bottom of Kelly’s Blog this week:

To a future filled with colour, self acceptance and celebration of the real us however we dress it :o) “

As in I mentioned in Life in Colour earlier this week. “I love colour” – I am convinced that confidently wearing colour, can life our mood and give us a more positive outlook on life.  I get so many compliments on wearing colour, I guess the thing is, the compliments make me feel good and I gain my confidence from that.

I started my day in these clothes, I was off to the physio, because someone not saying who thought it might be a good idea to go for a run a few weeks back and strained her achilles tendon, oopps!


What I wore here: My purple asics trainers, grey wide leg Max trackies from a zillion years ago, Pink tee from The Warehouse

I wanted to put this pic of me in my gym gear up to show that you don’t have to wear black exercise clothes…if you look around, you can eventually find some coloured gear.

I was very relieved today when my lovely physio said, that in fact wearing heels won’t be doing any further damage and to keep wearing them if I was more comfortable in them than in flats.  Yay!  I’m not restricted to just trackies and trainers for the next wee while  (I don’t own flats) Heels do seem to help me with hiding my tummy a bit, although looking at this photo, I’m not so sure…


What I wore here: Blue Wedge Boots from Mischief Shoes, Jeans from Just Jeans, white tee and my favourite blazer. Necklace from Cloud Nine Creative

I love my floral blazer, it was a bit of a splurge item for me….I admired it hanging on the rack in Tinker Tailor/Florence Boutique in Karori and thought, hmm I like that but I bet it is way beyond my price range.  I was very pleasantly surprised when I pulled it off the rack, tried it on and then inspected the price tag.

You will also notice, I have shown my face in the photos today. I am generally a run and hide kind of person when it comes to photos.  I need to accept that I may not be the shape I would like to be, but I am who I am and maybe one day, I might be closer to the shape I would like to be.