My Oven Light….

Yay! We have finally managed to remove the lightbulb in my oven that seemed stuck fast for sooooo long!  I now need to go and buy the replacement bulb, because the one I had already bought is the wrong size.  So excited, I will be able to watch my Macarons cooking very soon and not have to leave the final colour to chance.

On a totally different note, I have been out for three more walks since my getting tough on myself post. So I feel I have a lot to celebrate/be thankful for tonight.

More Macarons coming soon……..


A break from making Macarons

Recently, I have quite simply not had time to make macarons….or when I have, haven’t had the motivation to experiment. In fact, until Saturday, I had not even indulged in any for some time.  I am starting to sense that it is time to make some more  🙂  the eggs are out on the bench instead of in the fridge, in preparation for tomorrow…although having said that, last time I made them with the help of little people they somehow got flour in them instead of icing sugar, not a good result at all.

Anyway, on Saturday, while manning or should I say womanning my Phoenix Trading stall at the Wellington Underground Market, the lovely Sebastian from Stephanie Cahorel Ceramics was kind enough to share a couple from the very first batch he had made at home!  (He normally makes them at various places round town).  The first one, I had to tease him was not quite up to my high standard, yeah right.  It was moist and delectable, full of gorgeous rich chocolate ganache.  Why did I tease him you ask?  Well…the piping was a little off round.  The second he offered me later was just as good.  A real taste sensation.

Sebastian is a french pastry chef and will be running a course at Wellington High School as a part of the community education programme soon…more of a demo with tasting I think! I will keep you posted when the dates are confirmed.  If I can make it work, I might just go along myself.