Joy of the Season

Christmas is fast approaching…I like many of you started to decorate my home today! The wreath is on the front door, the nativity is set up on top of our woodburner, tree number one (the kids tree) is up. Tree number two will put in appearance tomorrow, after the washing is folded and put away…I need to clear the space for number two you see. Other precious ornaments are starting to appear round the house.

While, I love to decorate my home with various Christmas decorations and fill it with Christmas carols. Christmas for us is not about the material things, consumerism and presents…it is a season of celebration and praise for Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

The Christmas season is about celebrating the Joy of the birth of a precious child,  Jesus, born to a virgin mother in a stable!  Jesus was born the lowest of the low and yet he is the most high king.  ‘why’ should a king be born so low? This is God humbling himself to show that he loves us all.  He chose to allow His own Son to be born in this way to show no matter who we are, He is our equal.  He does not place any importance on any form of stature or rank.

I love to put a star at the top of my Christmas tree, it reminds me of the star that guided the wise men from the east and the shepherds to find and bow down before the newborn king. During this season, come let us adore the King!