I’m Loving: Back to school & My Food Bag

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

Back To School

Last Friday, I was informed that it was only so many hours until school started again.  The maths was a bit out but I let the child carry on believing it was correct, because I knew school would come soon enough.  Said child was on a countdown, because they love to go to school.  I’m loving it because it does mean I get to enjoy the occasional quiet moment at home all by myself with no demands for food, help with this that or the other thing….it’s just so peaceful!

Here’s a photo of my monkey’s ready for their first day back at school:


My Food Bag

Ok, so I love to cook, but sometimes when life gets a little busy, our healthy eating habits tend to fall by the wayside.  So, I decided to try My Food Bag for a few weeks at least until life settles into routine again.  Sunday night, three gorgeous brown paper bags arrive filled with the supplies for evening meals for the following five days, it’s varied and interesting and so far three out of four recipes have had a “Can you please make it again?” response from one if not both of the children.  Both Mr 10 & Miss 9 have been keen to help with cooking the meals too.  We’ve had Satay Chicken, Lamb Butties, Salmon Fritters and a “lasagne” all accompanied with a healthy serving of vegetables.  So good, to have everything there and ready to use without having to think “What are we having for dinner tonight?” .



I love my iPhone and in particular Voxer – Walkie Talkie app.  One of the many apps I have that make having an iPhone so fun!!! it’s kind of like a voice text, although you can also send text messages and photos. My three year old nephew can even use it, so I get cute little voice messages from the younger kids that say things like:

‘ i got eew oooes’ (I’ve got new shoes) – so special to hear from the little lad, when he is excited about something happening in his life.

or when mum’s not looking/listening miss 4 is inviting herself over to our house:

‘ ???? Aunty, can I come play with Katie today, pweese?”

So that’s what I am loving this week and linking up with Megan at mom’s


Loving: Summer Days, Cider & Fresh Tomatoes

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

Summer Days

I have been loving these Summer days, enjoying my children more than ever and the many adventures we have enjoyed together. We haven’t had a lot of fantastic, you can’t beat Wellington on a good day kind of days, but we have made the most of the ones we have had. I’m going to miss the holidays. What a blessed time it has been!



My darling husband does not like beer, the taste has just never tickled his buds. Over the past couple of Summers, we have grown to like Ciders and we regularly try different ones. We both agree that Rekorderlig is a pretty fine specimen. It certainly seems to make a fine summers drink on a hot day, especially after a good stint out in the garden.



Tomatoes are one of my favourite fruit. A few years back, I took a photo in a market in Marseille (France), I have come to realise the vegetables in it, make up the bulk of the vegetables I most like to eat. Front and centre is tomatoes! Is it any wonder, I must have tomatoes in my garden every summer? Tomorrow, we will eat the first of the cherry tomatoes from our garden. I can’t wait for the Isle of Capri ones to start ripening.




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Today, I’m Loving, decorating for Christmas

We have so much to be grateful for in our lives, no matter how big or small … we need to celebrate the small stuff as well as the big stuff and this is the stuff I’m loving right now:

Tea Pea

I’m loving this gorgeous wee shop filled with all sorts of awesome little goodies to delight your heart.  A trip in here is truly dangerous for my credit card! Check these cute little bunny tea lights and Christmas decorations:



Kiwi Christmas Ornament Swap

A huge thanks to the fabulouso Dione from Sew Funky for once again organising the Kiwi Christmas Ornament Swap.  I absolutely loved making and blessing the six other women in my group with a cute this cute little flock of birds.


And so, so loving opening my letterbox to find real mail, loving finding all these treats in my letterbox:


Go on bless someone with some real mail…so nice to receive an envelope that is not a bill or a request for money in one form or another.

Link up and Celebrate Christmas

Celebrating Christmas is important to me! I just love the season…the reason we celebrate and being able to have a lot of fun with decorating my house and blessing others.

So this year, I decided to create a linky party for us all to share in the way we celebrate and what Christmas means to us. Go on share what you love about Christmas, what you’ve been doing to prepare, how you celebrate, what makes Christmas Special.

To link up grab this button and make sure you link back to this party.


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