Celebrating One Year…

…one year since what you ask? No not since I made my first macarons…this is an utterly ramdom post, but if it can give someone hope of healing then, this post will have fulfilled it’s purpose.  I promise there are some more macarons coming soon!

One year since, I had my surgery for Endometriosis.  This is a disease that was slowly robbing me of my life.  To start with I struggled with painful periods, then fatigue and on my list of symptoms went getting progressively worse year after year with doctors failing to believe me something serious was going on inside.  To start with, I, myself, brushed it off for a couple of years as pain related to severe scarring caused by a c-section gone horribly wrong…not for my precious baby but for me!

Endometriosis silently crept around my uterus, my ovaries onto my bowel and my stomach weaving it’s cobweb of fibres joining my insides together, pulling and shifting my organs into positions that weren’t natural. This reajustment of my insides resulted in immense lower back pain and an inability to sleep during mid circle and my period.  The doctors, I consulted weren’t too helpful…they prescribed some serious pain relief.  Tramadol relieved the pain, but robbed me of the ability to care for my children.  It made me nauseous and sent me to cloud coucou land.  I had to be in bed lying down when taking it.  There was another option producing as equally helpful symptoms.  Kind of a good thing in a way, as eventually, I pleaded with my doctor for a referal to a gynaecologist for further discussion of my case.

The fantastic gynaecologist I consulted, booked me in for surgery two weeks after my initial consultation.  She listened, asked the right questions, explained what was probably going on, refused my request for an immediate hysterectomy…after all we are done having kids (consequence of said horrific c-section).  She refused the hysterectomy, conditional on what she found upon opening me up.  Explained the hormonal side and said that it would be better for me to keep it as long as possible.  I am prepared to lose my girly internals at a later date.

So last year on November 8th, I underwent a laproscopy, hysteroscopy and something else I can’t recall what it’s called.  The surgeon carefully inspected my insides, cut away the cobwebs, gave me a good ol clean out and made a couple of minor repairs of the scar tissue that had settled in me.  I am currently free from the crippling pain I was living with, have more energy and am enjoying life again.