Getting tough on myself!

I got tough on myself this morning and went for a walk and was rewarded with this fantastic view of Wellington on a good day!

Over the last couple of weeks, the thought I could go for a walk has popped into my mind…Now, I’m not talking leisurely stroll to school or the local café. I am talking about a real walk, striding it out for the good of my health, not any other purpose. So, I have decided that I have to get tough on myself and actually go for the walks, not just think about them, because just thinking about them isn’t going to help my fitness or my waistline. This morning, instead of doning my nice clothes to look decent as I dropped the kids to school, I put on my walking clothes and walked the kids to school. A few people commented on them, asking if I was off for a walk. this was great because it has given me some accountability. After the kids at school off I went on my walk. It is a beautiful day, I had some great music in my phone and now I can say that I went for my walk.  I walked for a good half an hour, actually, I don’t know what possessed me, but when I was round on a very quiet road, I even ran for 100m a couple of times.

I need to be tough on myself more often for the next few weeks and make this a habit!  A good habit!  I am supposed to be doing the AMI Round the bays on 26 February in Wellington. Actually, I should be going down to the waterfront and walking because I find it harder to walk on the flat for long distances than on the hills. Guess I am just used to living in the hills and the muscles on my legs expect hills.  This is in no way to say I am fit, because I am so unbelieveably not! I get puffed just walking up the hill from school and that’s not far at all.