Wardrobe Wednesday – Transitioning a Fave

I’ve been a little disorganised with my posts lately…Christmas busyness seems to be getting to me.

I read a comment on Facebook today that got me thinking, I have my Christmas colours on! But actually, this tunic dress is one of my most favourite pieces in my wardrobe and I wear it year round, season doesn’t come in to play for me.  It is just so versatile.

You saw it over here, dressed up for winter. Now I’m using it for summer.

I’ve put my merinos and boots away and teamed it with a pair of white 3/4 leggings and my red shoes to make it more suited to our muggy weather. As I knew I would have a meeting in the office “fridge”, I also chucked a little green jacket on, to wear in the meeting room.




Wardrobe Wednesday on Friday!

So, it’s been a bit of a hectic week, can you tell? And the weather hasn’t been that pleasant here. This week, the lovely Kelly at Kiwi Womens Style blogged about transitional clothing. I have several pieces of clothing I wear across the seasons…you have seen my floral dress, my Robyn Matheson dress and my floral jacket – all these items make great transitional pieces. I do away with the merinos and boots, replace with cotton t-shirts or other suitable items of clothing and ta da, done! I think I have quite a good transitional wardrobe and am quite skilled at making items work for multiple seasons.

A new combo I have tried to transition my floral jacket into a more summery look, is a pink t-shirt, my fabulous necklace from cloud nine design and my new shoes.



Wardrobe Wednesday – Celebrating Summer!

If you recall, last week, I mentioned that I was ready for Summer to be here.  Based on the weather we have been experiencing yesterday and today…I believe we can officially say that we are previewing Summer.  I’m loving getting into all my Summer clothes and nothing says Summer to me more than a pair of shorts!  Shorts, tees, sunnies and open toed shoes define a relaxed summer feel to me…but they aren’t the only items in my wardrobe for Summer.

Today, after conquering Mt Kaukau. I wore some firm favourites from last Summer.  I just love the way this top takes a denim shorts and singlet top from bog standard beach/garden/park wear to something I can go shopping in.


Denim shorts (Jeans West), Pink singlet top, Pink floral wrap top (both from Farmers) and my fabulous Pink, Orange and Red wedges (Banks Shoes)


And yes, my toenails are now a lovely shade of Red! Now, I just need to soak up some rays and work on my skin colour just a little.

Summer, where are you, I’m ready?

I’m choosing to believe Summer is just around the corner, my tomatoes are in, the hydrangea is budding, the sweet pea is making an appearance and my lavender is blooming….don’t you just love summer and all the colour it brings? Does it inspire a change in the colours in your wardrobe?

IMG_2349 IMG_2351 IMG_2353


I just had to share some photos of my garden, the weekend just been, we worked hard on it to get it into shape for Summer. I am loving the promises of colour that it is starting to give!

In the hope that Summer is just around the corner, today I decided to dress as if it is….well with the addition of my cardigan. I’m not loving my photos today, but I’ll post them anyway. Today I wore, my skirt from Minnie and Ree (Wellington Underground Market), a pink tee (Max), Yellow Cardigan (Glassons) and those shoes I mentioned in my post Life in Colour. Yes! I buckled and bought them…I just couldn’t stop thinking about them….might be time for some colour on my toenails.

IMG_2338 IMG_2339